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Osiris (Greek Language also Usiris; the Egyptian Language name is variously transliterated Asar, Aser, Ausar, Ausir, Wesir, or Ausare) was an Egyptian god usually called the god of the Afterlife.

Osiris was not only a merciful judge of the dead in the afterlife, but also the underworld agency that granted all life, including sprouting vegetation and the fertile flooding of the Nile River. The Kings of Egypt were associated with Osiris in death - as Osiris rose from the dead they would, in union with him, inherit eternal life through a process of imitative magic.

Businesses too go through many lives; from start-up, to growth, to maturity, to reinventing themselves, and hopefully growing again. Osiris Endeavors helps companies define their objectives and goals, analyze the past, forecast the future and set milestones to acheive success.